Imagine a world in which payments are free, without any big institutional fee; where payments are private (so data won't leak), and can't be prevented when dictators speak. To join, and help build, this new system you'll just need to choose a few people you already trust; if they trust some others, and so form a chain, you'll pay distant people, without any pain. The big institutions can join the loop, too, but only to offer what's cheapest for you. You won't need to think about which path to choose; computers will pick out the best one to use. Each person included will promise to pay another who trusts that they won't run away; these debts can be settled in cash now and then, or cancelled when payments go backwards again. But first, to get started, the system needs rules for software to follow — the apps and the tools; I'm working on rules, but I need some more cash to keep myself eating — my lifestyle's not flash. So if you think this is how payments should be, please make a donation, and then — wait and see.